Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~~ LoVe Is In ThE AiR ~~


1st JuLy 2008 (5.33pm)

that was our first date even though we are not actually in a relationship 
we went to City Square (JB) and we went to watch movies
(The Mummy Returns : still have the ticket..)

suddenly he wanna to go to Danga Bay and to be truth he really kept on urging for me to go there

the funniest moment happened when we made  the "one way" direction become "two way" 
and the security guard kept on looking at us like we are the alien from MARS..(hahaha)

he pull my hand to the seat that are available there and out of the blue he proposed (really??) and asked me to become his girlfriend...

seriously i'm in total shock...
and what i did is just saying "i dont know about this"

but he hold my hand tightly (maybe giving me strength)
and our eyes met...and i say YES !!!

so...on the 1st of July 2008...i belong to Zool Fadli...

I love U Zool Fadli


  1. Really interesting...hope kekal ke akhir hayat maa....