Thursday, December 2, 2010

~~KeSiLaPaN TeKNiKaL ~~


BiLe FiRsT TiMe AkU sTaRt MaSaK???

sebenarnye dh lame dh tp reti masak yang simple jer...

ade r  1 day aku try masak Telur Masak Kicap (simple kan??)
so ape yg aku wat is masak mcm biase...(mcmlah expert sangat...)

then mase untuk tuang kicap (jeng3x)
punyelah sengal aku time 2, aku leh tuang kicap masin, sepatutnye kicap manis...

kalau masak mesti r letak garam cube korang fikir ape rase masakan aku 2??
hahaha EXTRA MASIN sampai kepala aku pun ting tong...

PUAS aku pikir cara nk hilangkan masin 2...

nk tahu ape aku wat??

aku letak r gule sampai rase dy ade manis n masin...
( panic gak r time 2 sbb bf aku yg nk mkn)

so bile aku rase mcm ok je (sebenarnye xpasti pun)
aku pun letak dalam bekas n bf aku mkn dpn aku...

time dy mkn aku tgk jer muke dy...
ye r mcm xde respon..

TP AT LAST dy kata SEDAP !!!!
HAHAHA (dy xth banyak kesilapan yg aku wat time masak 2...nasib dy x sakit perot)

well...moral of the story is...TIME MASAK JGN BERANGAN !!!

~~oUr FuNNiEsT mOmEnTs~~


Tibe2 jer terasa nk bercerita tentang moment yg agak funny...
nk tahu bile?? ( time ngah date dengan my bf r)

time 2 kiteorg nk p cari adapter (sbb adapter lappy dh rosak...huhuhu)

so kiteorg pun p r dekat area Bukit Beruang, Melaka...
sbb my bf ckp area situ ade banyak kedai komputer...

so nk dijdkan cerita my bf park kete dy n selang 2 kete kt depan ade kete yg same model dgn kete my bf...
kiteorg pun jalan p cari adapter but xjd sbb suddenly i nk cr sendiri kat JB...

*the funniest moment start*

my bf p kat kete dy (actually kete yg same model dgn kete dy) 
n teka ape dy wat??
dy try r buka kete 2 gune alarm (obviously r xleh kan)

then i tarik my bf n ckp...kete kite kat belakang r....
(mmg terbahak2 i ketawa sampaikan muke my bf merah padam)

Dalam kete dy tanya nape i x ckp yg dy slh kete??
i jwb sbb awk confident sangat !!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~~ExAm ReSuLtS~~


Rasenye mcm baru jer bape hari kan exam berlalu 
now part yg paling scary is RESULTS !!!

arrgggh!!! mcm ne r results sem nie kan?? (xpe dh usaha)
so kena tawakal n doa banyak2...(tp tetap nervous gak)

so mcm ne nk hilangkan nervous ek??
gi DATE?? nope...

solutions terbaik is LUPEKAN TARIKH RESULTS KELUAR !!! 
( peh mcm boleh jer)

2 all of my friends especially UiTM students, 

HOPEFULLY kite semua dpt DEAN LIST (DL)

~~ LoVe Is In ThE AiR ~~


1st JuLy 2008 (5.33pm)

that was our first date even though we are not actually in a relationship 
we went to City Square (JB) and we went to watch movies
(The Mummy Returns : still have the ticket..)

suddenly he wanna to go to Danga Bay and to be truth he really kept on urging for me to go there

the funniest moment happened when we made  the "one way" direction become "two way" 
and the security guard kept on looking at us like we are the alien from MARS..(hahaha)

he pull my hand to the seat that are available there and out of the blue he proposed (really??) and asked me to become his girlfriend...

seriously i'm in total shock...
and what i did is just saying "i dont know about this"

but he hold my hand tightly (maybe giving me strength)
and our eyes met...and i say YES !!!

so...on the 1st of July 2008...i belong to Zool Fadli...

I love U Zool Fadli

It'S aLL BeGiN HeRe....


Today i wanna share the secret of my relationship...
well3x (dont wanna kept it a secret any longer )

i know that some of my friend already know my love story but for those who dont let me tell u

it all started when i was really excited on joining the traditional Malay self defense or a.k.a Silat.

there was 1 guys that keep on making me felt irritated from the first day i started my training..

he like to stare at me and kept on telling that i make the wrong movement...(arrgh!!!)

Whats wrong with u man ??? (i protested but only in my heart )

But guess what, 1 day he actually asked for my phone number...
& without any doubt i gave my number to him cause he said that it will be easier for him to inform me if he canceled the training....

then the story begin (or it actually have begin??)

when he got my number, we kept on text each other and almost every night we will have 2hours of talking through the phone...we go on a date (is it a date??) only lunch together...

n from time to time our bond kept on growing tighter...

n for God sake I started to LIKE him !!!